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npm install effector

Complementary packages#

For react#

npm install effector effector-react

For vue#

npm install effector effector-vue

For svelte#

Svelte works with effector out of the box, no additional packages needed. See word chain game application written with svelte and effector.


Use effector-logger for printing updates to console, displaying current store values with browser ui and connecting application to familiar redux devtools

Online playground#

Examples in this documentation are running in our online playground, which allows someone to test and share ideas quickly, without install. Code sharing, Typescript and react supported out of the box

Project repository


The library provides separate modules with compatibility up to IE11 and Chrome 47 (browser for Smart TV devices): effector/compat, effector-react/compat and effector-vue/compat

Usage with manual import replacement:

- import {createStore} from 'effector'
+ import {createStore} from 'effector/compat'

Usage with babel-plugin-module-resolver:

"plugins": [
["babel-plugin-module-resolver", {
"alias": {
"^effector$": "effector/compat",
"^effector-react$": "effector-react/compat"
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